Hangzhou Dianzi University Online Judge (abbr. HDU) is the online judge of Hangzhou Dianzi University. It is getting more and more popular these days that it even overtook POJ. It keeps a lot of problems. Many competitions are held on it. The most famous one is BestCoder. There is no doubt that it is one of the most important online judge for students who attend NOIp or ACM/ICPC. You can easily find a solution report to HDU problems. It is also a good choice for advanced training.

Problem Set


HDU 1009 HDU 1052 HDU 1213 HDU 1232 HDU 1355 HDU 1686


HDU 2089 HDU 2092 HDU 2094 HDU 2222 HDU 2547 HDU 2548


HDU 3658