National Olympiad in Informatics in provinces


National Olympiad in Informatics in provinces (abbr. NOIp) is an informatics competition which is held from 1995 for Chinese secondary school students (including Hong Kong and Macao). The competitors will be divided in 2 groups. The junior group is mainly for junior high school students, and the senior group is mainly for senior high school students. The preliminary is a paper-based theory test. Only the top 10%~15% of the competitors will be able to attend the final. The final is computer-based programming test. For the senior group before 2011 and the junior group, the final was held in a single day with 4 problems for competitors to solve. From 2011, it is held in the whole weekend with 3 problems each day for senior group.

Problem Set


NOIp 2004J1 NOIp 2004J2 NOIp 2004J3 NOIp 2004J4 NOIp 2004S1 NOIp 2004S2 NOIp 2004S3


NOIp 2005J1 NOIp 2005J2 NOIp 2005J3 NOIp 2005S1


NOIp 2011J1 NOIp 2011S1 NOIp 2011S2 NOIp 2011S4


NOIp 2012J1 NOIp 2012J2 NOIp 2012J3 NOIp 2012S1 NOIp 2012S4 NOIp 2012S5


NOIp 2013J1 NOIp 2013S1 NOIp 2013S4 NOIp 2013S5


NOIp 2014J1 NOIp 2014J2 NOIp 2014J3 NOIp 2014S1 NOIp 2014S2 NOIp 2014S4 NOIp 2014S5


NOIp 2015J1 NOIp 2015J2 NOIp 2015S1 NOIp 2015S2 NOIp 2015S4


NOIp 2016J1 NOIp 2016J2 NOIp 2016J3 NOIp 2016S1 NOIp 2016S4 NOIp 2016S5


NOIp 2017J1 NOIp 2017J2 NOIp 2017S1 NOIp 2017S2 NOIp 2017S4


NOIp 2018S1 NOIp 2018S2