Peking University JudgeOnline for ACM/ICPC (abbr. POJ) is the online judge of Peking University. It is also opened to public. It is famous for its classic problems. Both the beginners and advancers would like to solve problem on this online judge because it keeps a large number of ACM/ICPC problems and they are good-sorted. You can easily find a lot of plans to improve your programming skills with POJ on the Internet. They're all cut into some small knowledge points like simulation, sort algorithms, graphic theory, number theory, dynamic planning, etc. It is so popular among students (including high school students and university students).

P. S. POJ is such an old online judge that it easily breaks down. The Pascal code of the following problems used to be unable to verify: POJ 1007, POJ 3292, POJ 3984, but now the problems are all fixed and the codes were submitted successfully.

Problem Set


POJ 1002 POJ 1003 POJ 1004 POJ 1006 POJ 1007 POJ 1088 POJ 1442 POJ 1928


POJ 2000 POJ 2115 POJ 2388 POJ 2406 POJ 2506 POJ 2777 POJ 2823 POJ 2965


POJ 3070 POJ 3233 POJ 3278 POJ 3292 POJ 3295 POJ 3461 POJ 3468 POJ 3984