A Unique Summer Camp (1)

Day 0 (July 11th)

This is the day I set off. At about half past nine, my father dropped me in front of Guangzhou East Railway Station. Then I bought a ticket leaving for Shenzhen at 10:18. At 11:36 the train arrived. After transporting metro and bus, I got to Shenzhen No. 2 High School at about 13. The dormitory was much worse than I expected, even worse that in our school. There were public toilets and bathrooms here. What's more, I found my case broken because a stick of the lock was lost.

When I was unpacking my baggage, a boy from Beijing named Wang Kaibo came to my room and asked me if I would like to be a member in his team. As he was the first person I met, I didn't reject it. Then he introduced some potential members to me. They were three boys from America (two of them are Chinese and one is a foreigner), a boy from Sichuan named Lu Sheng'an and another boy from Beijing named Hu Kaijie. I also met two of my roommates. One is Wang Runxuan. The other is Duan Quangeng. Both of them were from Shenzhen.

Day 1 (July 12th)

Since there were still some people coming today, the morning was boring. The beginning ceremony in the afternoon was boring too. We viewed the history of the summer camp and the history of DJI. A set of notification and rules was released. The rules of the final test were also released. The dinner was a party. But it seemed that the food was not enough that the food was all taken in 10 minutes. So we managed to fill us with drinks like Coke. At 20:00, we had a lesson about the questions on the resume. During dinner time, I met You Peixin, a student from Dongguan Middle School Songshan Lake School that was also an OIer. At night, I wrote a DFS program for Wang Kaibo and communicate how we solve the problems. I didn't go to bed until 2 o'clock the next day.

P. S. Did I mention that they were the end-term exam yesterday when today?

Drone Demonstration
Chen Long was demonstrating the latest drone of DJI

Day 2 (July 13th)

Today we went to visit an exhibition hall of DJI in the morning and went to the RM base to experience the RM match in the afternoon. Different from last two days, it was a rainy day today. So the drone flying experience had to be canceled. But we still saw some model drones. There were big ones, small ones, agricultural-use ones, photographing-use ones, etc. In the RM base, we tried driving the RM army robots to attack the opposite team's base. However, no mobile phone or other electronic devices were allowed to be taken into. And each person could only take part in the match twice in the 4 hours in the RM base. These resulted in that we were very boring in the rest of time. Very tired in the evening, we learned about the basic structure of the RM army robots that only who are in charge of machinery and embedding cared about but who is in charge of algorithm had no idea and did not care about.

Table Soccer
The table soccer robot we (they) made

Day 3 & Day 4 (July 14th & July 15th)

It was still rainy during these two days. And there was an ice breaking competition that each team needed to build a robot to play table soccer with a remote control. This was such a challenging task for who are in charge of machinery and embedding to finish it in a single day. But it was boring for whom is in charge of algorithm because they could do nothing but watching beside them. You was as bored as me because he was in charge of algorithm too. So there was nothing to mention.

The next morning all the sixteen teams were required to finish the machine so that the group matches could be finished before lunch. Our robot was able to move all players together but the gatekeeper could kick the ball separately while other players would kick the ball at the same time. After three group matches, we Group 14 got the full 9 points (3-0 VS Group 13, 3-1 VS Group 16, 3-2 VS Group 15). After lunch, the elimination matches began. We lost the match on the quarterfinal. And finally group 1, which Wang Kaibo was in, won the game. After that there was some notifications about the trip to HKUST tomorrow. In the evening there was a tutorial about how to make vlog. I hope tomorrow will not be a rainy day!

A statue near the students' residences in HKUST
The Landscape in HKUST, taken in the building of the School of Engineering

Day 5 (July 16th)

Thank goodness that today was a sunny day! It was such a funny and interesting day! At half past eight we got to the hall to set off and arrived at Shenzhen Bay Port at about 10:30 because of the heavy traffic. The rich kids were taking their drones with them to fly in HKUST. Some of us could pass the port by e-channel now while the others still needed to go to normal channel. But we managed to reach HKUST in an hour. That's really a long way that we need to get through the whole New Territories. Everyone was given HK$100 as the cost of lunch and dinner. Then some volunteers led us to the canteen at LG7 to have lunch. I ordered a bowl of rice with Barbecued pork, which cost me HK$24. I was going the save some money so that I would be able to buy my friends some souvenirs.

In the afternoon, we went to the coastline in HKUST to fly the drones and visit some buildings like the student apartments, the library and a robotics lab supported by DJI. We even noticed that there were three Microsoft Surface Studio in the CEEI. The school was such an ideal one to me! After that a professor of ISD gave us a presentation about "What is design? ". Interestingly, the professor also gave everyone an apple.

When the presentation ended, it was 17:40 and we need to go back at 18:20. So we had our dinner in the canteen at LG7 again instead of the McDonald's. The Japanese beef ramen cost me HK$25. But when You and I rushed back to the souvenir shop at 18:05, we found that the shop was just closed. Sadly, we used the money we saved to buy us a cup of Starbucks. The Fry Java Frappuccino cost me HK$41. Just when we got out of the Starbucks, You saw that there were someone entering the souvenir shop. There was someone succeeded in persuading the shop assistant let us buy some souvenirs before we go back to Shenzhen. So we rushed back and bought two writing boards and three folders, which cost me HK$100 (HK$35 for a writing board and HK$10 for a folder). Thank goodness that I had brought some Hong Kong Dollars with me. It was over 21:00 when we got back to the dormitory. Then we played basketball for an hour, took a shower and washed clothes. After recording the experience, it was already 03:00 the next day!