A Unique Summer Camp (3)

Day 15 & Day 16 (July 26th & July 27th)

After the warm-up matches, we needed to pick up a group as our ally. But the groups we wanted to pick were all the top 5. This drove Wang Kaibo to mad. After a whole day investigating other groups. We finally chose Group 13 in the same classroom as ours.

In the morning on July 27th, we have the second report of our progress and plans. Our clip was developed. The CV was almost completed by Liu Yipeng. But the algorithm part took too much time. In the afternoon, we prepared for the final report. However, the time of our final report would be very limited. It would be a challenge to teach the judges dp with 17 pages in 2 minutes. Maybe I need to delete the DFS versions.

Day 17 & Day 18 (July 28th & July 29th)

It was the last preparation before the finals! On Day 17 we had the second report about our robot and solution in the morning. In the evening, we had a talk with a teacher. I heard that he was the teacher of Fan Jiaming. Besides developing the robot, some documents such as slides and technical documents, were also required to be finished before the finals ends. As the slides was ready on Day 17. The only task I needed to do was to write the technical documents. But others were not that lucky. The robot was always broken down. So they had to spend a lot of time debugging it. However, they also needed to complete their parts on the technical documents. So I finally managed to complete it at 04:45 on July 30th.

Sunrise East
05:35, Sun rising in Shenzhen Second Senior High School on July 30th (Facing East)
Sunrise West
05:40, Sun rising in Shenzhen Second Senior High School on July 30th (Facing West)

Day 19 (July 30th)

Finding that it was already 04:45 right now, I chose to stay up all night. At 05:30, we went to the top floor to take photos of the sunrise. But Lu Sheng'an asked me to help him print the gear. The 3D printer broke down. So the gear couldn't be replaced. At 06:00, the breakfast arrived. At eight, we came to the stadium, preparing for the first round. At about ten, the damn robot crashed a castle and destroyed it, which made our robot killed. So we only scored 159 points in the first round. Fantastically, we still got the second place in the first round. The 6th alliance came first. The 1st alliance made up with Group 1 and Group 17 got the third place. The 5th alliance, in which Group 18 was, got the fourth place.

The second round started at about half past eleven. As the 4th alliance that Group 15 was in got the ninth place in the first round, they were the second alliance to have their matches. It was surprising that when they completed their first stage, scoring 166 points, the committee announced that the limit entering the second stage was reduced to 170 points. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up at 14:30, the second round was over. The 1st alliance, scoring 460 points in this round, got the first place. We got the second place again scoring 444 points. The 6th alliance, which was sniped by us by plowing the whole field, followed to the third place, scoring 402 points (152 points in the stages, and 150 as our punishment). The following were the 4th alliance (scoring 166 points) and the 5th alliance (scoring 159 points).

As there would be some professors from universities watching our last round, the committee asked us to wear the uniform T-shirt. Tired, I took a shower. When I was back, we were asked to introduced our robot to the professors. Again the mechanical structure was valued and the algorithm was ignored. When we were back, the 4th alliance just finished their first stage, scoring 167 points, making the 5th alliance could not get any points any more. Then the 6th alliance with the most stable robots won the game by scoring 503 points in the last round, 1097 points in total. As our robots broke down from time to time, we scored 463 points in the last round and 1066 in total, winning the second place. Then there was the 5th alliance (447 in the last round, 708 in total), the 1st alliance (48 in the last round, 650 in total), the 3rd alliance (183 in the last round, 429 in total) and the 4th alliance (196 in the last round, 421 in total). After the matches, we had some communications with the professors. There was SYSU, SCUT, HUST, NJTech, BUAA, BIT and HIT. However, it seemed that their purpose was the students in charge of machinery. So I did not talk with any of them.

Though we were angry about modifying the rules, the technical document and the slides were still incomplete. Working hard until 03:00, we managed to finish all the things. Tomorrow will be the day of the oral defense.

Group 13
The group photo of Group 13.
From left to right there were Lin Wentao, Huang Yuying, Li Boxuan, Qin Dongxue, Fang Yanzhe, Yang Zhou and Peng Weihao.
Group 14
The group photo of Group 14.
From left to right there were Tang Zhiyao, Wang Kaibo, Zhong Sizhe (Me), Liu Yipeng, Han Yuxuan, Lu Sheng'an and Tang Haoyun.
Group 15
The group photo of Group 15.
From left to right there were Wang Ruanxuan, Hu Kaijie, You Peixin, Wang Leran, Fan Jiaming, Su Junyuan and Fu Jingya.

Day 20 (July 31st)

On 7 o'clock, I got up. While there was no one when I came back to the R&D room at 09:00, we didn't have the oral defense until 15:00. Although we had practiced many times, the machinery part still took too long. But as we were one of the best groups, a lot of people began to say that we were going to win the Mavic Air drones, the prize of the first place. You Peixin also told me that there might be an interview of HKUST before the ending ceremony. But there was not in the end.

At 19:30, we had cleaned up the classroom and left for the restaurant. Everyone seemed excited. The ceremony began at 20:45. First of all, we reviewed the moments these days. We had visited the RM base, had a trip to HKUST, built our robots and now it is time to say goodbye. Everyone got a pack of presents as the reward. Then it came to the most exciting part. In the cheers and claps, Group 1 got the third place, with an OSMO Mobile 2 for each one. Our group won the second place, with a Spark drone. As same as our expectation, Group 18 won the Mavic Air drones. At 22:45, the RoboMaster High School Summer Camp 2018 ended. The new term has begun. I would have to go back to Guangzhou tonight and go back to school tomorrow. But the memory and the people will always stay in my mind. Thanks to our group members, I could have such a good and unique experience this summer.

Bavarian Alps Mountains, Lake, Berchtesgaden, Germany