October Collection

Hiking in Hong Kong: The Lion Rock

The 12 milestones we passed. M101 was lost.

It was October 1st, the first day of the National Day holiday, today. At six, we got up. Having arrived in Shenzhen yesterday, we set off from the Felicity Hotel Shenzhen. After breakfast, we got through the Luohu Checkpoint, took the MTR to the Wong Tai Sin Station. Then we took the minibus 18M to the Fat Chong Temple. From here, our hiking trip started.

At about 09:15, we got off the bus. The path from the Fat Chong Temple to the entrance of the Lion Rock Country Park was not difficult to walk since it was an asphalt road. As the Super Typhoon Mangkhut just attacked Hong Kong on September 16th, debris of trees could still be seen beside the road. At 09:45, we got to the entrance. We followed the MacLehose Trail Section 5 and passed the milestones of M102, M103 and M104. The way was not difficult to walk. We met a lot of local hikers.

Not long after passing M104, we turned to a tough path towards the Lion Rock. I think it was 10:50. After climbing a number of steps, we got to the top of the mountains in 30 minutes. The Kowloon scenery came into our views. But a local hiker told us that here was the back of the lion. Its head, the Lion Rock, was at the front. At about 11:30, we arrived at the Lion Rock. Facing south, you would find the runway of the old Kai Tak International Airport on the left, which has become a park now. In front of you is Kowloon, about which the song Below the Lion Rock sings. The part with some skyscrapers is Tsim Sha Tsui. And over the Victoria Harbour you could see the Hong Kong Island. The path getting down was much tougher than climbing up. In fact, it was the toughest part. We climbed down on the rocks but not cement steps. At about 12:15, we reached the shelter between M106 and M107. Tourists and hikers were focusing on a cute monkey. It seemed that he was thirsty for some food. But all of us knew we should never feed the monkeys, or they would be sick.

After taking a rest, we left the shelter and continued walking westwards at 12:40. The path forest through the Beacon Hill was much easier to walk. It took us only one hour to pass M107, M108, M109 and M110, including taking photos at the viewing point. Just before we got onto the Eagle's Nest Nature Trail, we saw a lot of monkeys sitting on the tree, with a sign telling us to keep our belongings in our bags or the monkeys may take it away and not to feed the monkeys with any food. We were amazed that the trail in Hong Kong was so close to the nature that we could even see dozens of monkeys here.

The Eagle's Nest Nature Trail was covered by trees. We walked in the forest, letting the cool gentle winds caress our cheeks. Different from the path we had passed, the road became gentle here. So we walked much faster ever. According to the photos of the milestones, we passed M110 at 13:37. And it was 14:38 when we passed M115, getting to the Tai Po Road, the end of the MacLehose Trail Section 5. Then we would take the bus back to downtown. That's the end of the trip.

P. S. When we were waiting bus on the Tai Po Road, we saw a monkey jumping up and robbing a box of milk from a tourist.

The map of the MacLehose Trail Section 5. The bold black line is our route.

NOIP 2018: Goodbye, those days

Today was the preliminary of NOIP 2018. After the tests in the morning, we had barbecue for lunch together, and then went to Guangdong Experimental High School by metro. When we got out of the Kengkou Station, I saw some students in the uniforms of Guangzhou Tieyi Middle School, which reminded me of Tan Jiawei, who had already graduated from there in July. Is he fine? Which university does he go to now? Soon, we reached the gate of the school. To my surprise, I met Mr. Liang Jian, my first teacher taught me programming, Mr. Yao Xiaohao and Mr. Liang Zexian, the two coaches of my school now, Mr. Liu Weiguang, my classmate Liu Che's dad and the coach of Guangzhou No. 7 Middle School, Mr. Lu Jianfeng, the coach of Guangzhou Tieyi Middle School. It seemed that all the teachers I am familiar with had come today, on my last NOIP. Thanks to them, I had a wonderful time in the five years with OI. However, just like the saying says: "No feast lasts forever", my journey with OI would finally come to the end. But I will always appreciate the time.

P. S. The preliminary was very easy for me this year, I got over 80 points. With no doubts, I would took part in the final on November 10th and November 11th, which was my last competition during my life in high school.

Loch Chon boathouse, Autumn