One Day More

Tomorrow is the first day of NOIP 2017. It is time to examine our works in the last 3 months. As a high school student in senior grade 2, we've paid so much on the last chance to compete higher rewards. We've paid our studies, our weekends, our school sports meeting, our textbook dramas, our farming activities(especially the funniest art show and party) and even our mid-term examination. But evrything will be worth doing if we try our best to compete for the highest prize in the next two days. So this article is to review our preparation to the competition this year.

The training

Our training documents

Unlike the self-training last year, we have a new master named Liang Zexian. So we have a lot of contests these days. So we paid more attention on competition, but not the other things. So I spent more time solving the problems in the contests, but not on the study and the other activities. In the morning we would have a contest from about 08:30 to 12:00 just like NOIP, in the afternoon we will test the programs to get the marks, talk about the problems and publish the correct solutions. Then we were asked to correct our solutions. So I paid less attention to the problems on the online judges too.

The study & the mid-term exam

From the first day of the new term, Mao Hongxi and Zhan Fangrong have disappeared from the class. A month later, just after the preliminary, the rest of us also applied for suspending classes to prepare for the competition. Everyone has kept the textbooks and homework untouched for at least 4 weeks. Everyday we focused on the computer screen for at least 6 hours. I even missed some great before-class lectures which were made by my classmates. This definitely makes our mid-term examination a great challenge. You have to know that NOIP 2017 was held on November 11th and November 12th, and the examination is just taken in the next two days! What's more, the leaders of our school rejected our apply asking for leave on the examination. How embarrassing it is! That means we may probably give up the exam which may be an important judge of our study!

The sports meeting & the textbook dramas

I put these two activities because they are in-school after class activities. Though I was the music producer of last sports meeting admission and the choir competition. I didn't play a role in the textbook drama. I even missed producing the background music while Zhan Fangrong wrote the script and Wang Huaijie acts the main character, Fan Jin, in the drama. They did an excellent work and I didn't go to take a look! Similar to the drama, I just spent 30 minutes on the admission music of the sports meeting with a sharp transition, which I was very unsatisfied. And I missed the admission with handsome boys, pretty girls and funny acts too. I also miss almost all the exciting matches except for men's 200 metres in the 1st group, which I took part in. What a pity!

The farming activities

The farming activities is one of the most interesting activities in the Affiliated High School of SCNU. It lasts for a week, including doing farming, going hiking, giving classes in the local primary schools, the night show and the bonfire night(someone says falling in loves as well). However, it is held just in the week before NOIP. In order to prepare for the competition, we came back on the 4th day. The first day was funny, we had a karaoke all the way. In the afternoon, we dropped around in the villages. I went to visit the villages of 6 classes. The second day was the working day. After the breakfast, we came to the ground to dry the rice. After that, we joined the road construction. In the afternoon, we listen to a report about the local farming situation. On the third day we went hiking and visit the Feilaixia Water Conservancy. Because of the rain, we stayed indoors on our last day. Sadly, giving classes, the night show and the bonfire night were all held after we came back. I heard that one of deans had a dance on the show(I miss it! QAQ).

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