Preface: Founding

Well, I'm happy that I have succeeded it building my first own blog after typing over 100,000 characters. It was not an easy job for a high school student. But now I am proud that zsz12251665's blog has been published. Now it is running on Github. Although it is not perfect enough, I am very satisfied with everything.

This is a "hand-made" blog. All the themes, including the colours, the background images and the typesetting, even the little song boxes were designed by myself just with text editors like notepad++ and Atom(In fact, this is because the WYSIWYG editors like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Word always change my code form and make the indent a mess). It is really a nice work, isn't it? However, it was in HTML5 and CSS3 that I wrote the pages as static pages, so there are still some problems remain in the blog, such as different Chinese fonts can hardly to be used so that I have to use English in my blog instead of Chinese. As English is a foreign language to me, there must be some mistakes in grammars, spellings, expressions, etc. in my words. If you would like to contact me and point them out, I'll really appreciate it. Thank you very much!

End Of The Day