Preface: the 1st Anniversary

I have a lot of things to say, but I don't know where to start. As the time went by, zsz12251665's blog has been published for a year. Maybe it is time to review what I've made in the past year now.

Homepage Comparison
Early Homepage
Early Version, with the navigator beside the article
Now Homepage
Latest Version, with the header fixed and the navigator aside

Until 2017, I've published over 80 pages, including over 70 codes and 7 posts. All of them are written in English. I completed the music player add-on, updated the interface to fix the mobile screen. I set up the mathematical expression add-on, and succeed in writing a code highlight add-on. I even succeeded in using HTTPS on my blog. I'm very proud of that all add-ons are made by myself. I used to think of using MathJax and Syntax Highlighter, but finally I gave up for some technical reasons. But it also provided me a chance to practice my own JavaScript skills.

Codes Comparison
Early Codes
Early Version, without highlight in the Code part
Now Codes
Latest Version, with highlight in the Code part and mathematical expressions in the Solution part

I want to appreciate everybody who helped me improve my blog in the past year. Without your help, my blog would not be improved as better as it is now. Thank Wu Yuheng for correcting a large number of mistakes in my posts. Thank Chen Ze for helping me fix the bug in the JavaScript while I was developing the music player add-on. Thank Yang Zhenwei (@Snakes) for share the highlight JavaScript code of his blog as a sample. Thank you for everything you did.

Music Player Comparison
Early Player
Early Version, with a table-like structure
Now Player
Latest Version, with a simple structure

In 2018, more projects are planned. First of all, the highlight of functions and variables are still missing. Besides, an automatically page builder is in the list. In addition, a dynamic version of the blog is coming. What's more, a lot of new codes and posts is waiting to be written. So I need to work harder, to improve my blog better.

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