The Story of the Chorus (1)

All the things started last Wednesday. On the Wednesday afternoon, the officers' meeting of the student's union in Senior Grade 1 took place. During the meeting, they drew lots to decide the song that each class will sing on the choir competition in the late March. We got the Song of the Guerrillas. I suppose it may be a satisfying one, at least not the worst one because all of us had heard about this song. On Friday, the notice had been posted and we began to prepare for it.

The arrange team of the song is made up of Xu Tianyi, Liu Shining, Mei Yunhao, Yang Shitong and me. Yang made up the whole team. It was Xu, Liu and Mei that arranged the song and added harmony. And my task is to produce the accompany. I'm so amazed that Xu, Liu and Mei managed to complete the arrangement in less than 4 hours, just from 17 o'clock to about 20:30! And their work is really beautiful! So at the weekend, it was my turn to produce the accompany and print the notation. So during the whole weekend, I spent all my attention on the accompany. My ear was filled with the melody like "sol sol do do rui rui me". The only things in my eyes are the notes written on the score. It was easy to add the first several musical instruments like military drums and piccolo trumpets. But things had become more and more difficult while more and more musical instruments were added. While I first had the problem with the piano, it was 22:30 on Saturday. So I sent a message to my friends and asked them whether they were able to solve the problem. Luckily, Chen Qianyi, my classmate in primary school and junior high school offered some help. It was her that told me how to write the chord of the piano and advised to add stringed music and the timpani into the accompany. I wouldn't be able to finish the accompany on Sunday afternoon without her help. Besides accompany, the notation really brought me some trouble. It's very easy to make footsteps with Sibelius or MuseScore. But I can hardly find a good software to print notations. Thanks Mei that he helped me make it with QuickMake although on Monday we found many mistakes on the notation.

On Monday, we corrected the mistakes of the notation. But we also found some problem about the accompany. I was very sorry but my ears were so tired to the music yesterday that I couldn't get the right volume of the musical instruments. On the last lesson, we had an interview. Most students sang well, some of them did even better than we expected. But some students also show their impatience and shyness. According to the rules, the chorus must be made up of over 25 people. Our class has 39 classmates so that we can kick someone out. But on the next day, on the class officers' meeting in the afternoon, the head teacher told us that we should let all the 39 students join the chorus because the other classes did and they have more students than us. If we kick some students out, our chorus would be in lower volume. Reluctantly, we agreed. However, we began to think of kicking again on Wednesday. On the Wednesday afternoon, we had a music lesson. And the teacher agreed to lend the lesson to us to practise the chorus. Mei trained bass part; Liu and Yang trained the soprano part; Xu and I trained the tenor part. Our task should be the easiest because tenor sings the main theme of the song. However, they sang a mess! Without me, they couldn't on the same tone. I had tried my best to make my voice louder so that they can follow my voice. The soprano part did a much better work than us. They sang as a real part, even like one person. What's more, many members pay no attention in the training. They talked with others. They made jokes of others. They even played their mobile phones while singing! In a word, they treated the chorus as a funny play! This really annoyed me. But I managed to keep my spirits. I just played the accompany times and times and asked them to sing with me. But many class officers like the study officer and the league branch secretary were not in their jobs. They were doing their own things. But yesterday on the class officers' meeting, the head teacher just told us to help each other do their work. They had forgotten all of it! After training on each part's own, we got all parts together to have a try. But since they were too noisy to sing, I shouted at them after bearing them for minutes. At last, we managed to sing once before the class is over. Well, there is nothing special to comment. The only thing that I am satisfied they succeed in pulling the bass part into us while singing!

After class, I talked with Yang about what I met and how I felt. Yang said that I should be more patient to them. Just like our teacher said: Everyone in our class has great ability on themselves. What they are short at is staying in group, following the orders and take part with others. We should learn from our teachers, find the ways that they keep the students' minds. We ought to praise them and encourage them more than shouting at them. It's also part of our leadership skill. But will it make sense in our training next time? Only time will tell.

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