The Story of the Chorus (2)

Two weeks has gone. Next Monday, we are going to have the choir competition. Let's wait and see how these boys and girls will do in singing.

Last Monday, we have another practice lesson which was the first practice after the Wednesday before last Wednesday. Since the tenor part sang terribly, we decided to correct them one by one. It was the second longest lesson I've ever taught(The first longest one is the one on the Wednesday before last Wendesday). Some of them had lost their tone that I had to spend a lot of time leading them to find the right tone note by note. On the contrary, some students had an awesome tone. Thank goodness! It was their excellent work that raised my spirit and encouraged me to continue to train the whole part better and better. It was worth mentioning that Liu also got angry of the boys and shouted to some of the naughty ones. As a result, the tenor part made much less mistakes and did much better than last Wednesday while training on the next day. They sang even a little better than the other parts.

On Wednesday we decided to focus on the way they sing. However, I had a quarrel with Liu during voice training about whether I could teach them how to sing, which made me disappointed and gave up to help the tenor part for a short time. I knew why she thought so. Liu had played the piano for years and joined a musical club in our School. Xu, Mei and Yang were in the school choir team. Only I had no longer stayed in the choir team for over 3 years. Before the end of the class, Xu asked me to get back because the tenor part could do nothing but sing in their each tones without me. I need to "lead" them, show them the right tone. But as I was still angry, I rejected. This brought us an unhappy Wednesday.

This Monday, each class has a 4-minute chance to try singing on the stage. I was frightened that I cannot hear Xu next to me at all but the noises behind me. When we listened to the record, sadness was written onto everyone's face as we heard a terrible chorus singing on the stage. We did really a bad job. And the song is a little too short, said our class teacher. So during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we developed the accompany although I prefer the old version. I don't know why but after that everything has become much easy to do. After another practice on Tuesday, they could sing in a tone and win the praise from our music teacher this Wednesday. And on Thursday, the action in the song was also added. It seemed everything has begun to run in the right way. So let's wait and see how these boys and girls will do in singing.

The Choir Stalls